Arly Fox-Daly contact/payment Arly Fox-Daly contact/payment
Arly Fox-Daly Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine, Massage Therapist, Psychic

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Psychic and/or medical intuitive phone consultations: $220 per hour

Body work, deep-tissue massage, energy medicine (local only): $125 per hour
Aromatherapy - Order Young Living Essential Oils
Go to and use my name and member #2732.
If you choose to get the wholesale prices, you pay $40.00 and you'll get 5 (5) free oils and a great deal of helpful literature to give you an understanding of product uses and the very lucrative business opportunities. Also contact me any time and I'll be glad to help you as much as you desire. Thanks so much and enjoy the oils.

After payment I will contact you within 24 hours or sooner to schedule a session

If you require any additional information, or would like to directly schedule an appointment, please contact me by email:

or by phone:
  646-633-8710   or   718-379-2791